ALTER TECHNOLOGY TÜV NORD S.A.U. was established in 1986. Its headquarters are located in Seville in a modern 2500 square meters building. A further 3000 square meters plant located in Madrid, provides facilities for equipment testing in the fields on EMC, electrical safety, thermal cycling, thermal vacuum and mechanical testing as well as specific test facilities for optoelectronic and very extreme temperature testing.

ALTER TECHNOLOGY is devoted to the following activities:

  • Engineering, testing, quality assurance and procurement of high reliability EEE components, and to the performance of related studies.
  • Optoelectronic & photonics technologies evaluation for space application
  • Management of R&D projects related to new EEE parts technologies for Hi-Rel applications.
  • CE marking analysis and tests on electrical and electronic equipment through EMC and safety tests.


The company employs experts in testing engineering, certification approvals, semiconductor physics, component and equipment engineers specialised in high reliability applications and programme managers. Currently, 200 persons are working at ALTER TECHNOLOGY.


On June 29th 2011 ALTER TECHNOLOGY has become part of TÜV NORD Group - a leading inspection and certification company in Europe (main offices located in Hamburg and Hannover and Essen.). TÜV NORD is an independent engineering and technical services company which employs altogether over 14.000 experts in more than 70 countries and with a forecasted revenue exceeding 1 Bn. € in 2011.

Main tasks of the partner




  • Assessment of critical electrical and optoelectronics parts to evaluate the potential usability in space applications as well as similar harsh environment
  • Specific radiation test on optoelectronics parts as Laser, Detectors, Splitters.
  • Development of the specific electronics for the wavelength stabilisation.


Contact data


Demetrio LOPEZ



Additional information 

This project has received funding from the European Union
Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n° 313200.


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